Some gifts..

Today we had the Porto Alegre OSUG meeting, at CESUP (UFRGS). I had a great surprise, i’ve got a really nice t-shirt from the user group, and next monday i will go work wearing it! (thanks a lot guys)
Vitório Sassi gaves us a good presentation about the group next steps, and some ideas for the next meetings. We are trying to make available our presentations (official material), create meeting podcasts, and webcasts (live transmissions). Stay tuned!


That was the first edition with members’ participation online via Skype, one of the group leaders (Rafael Vanoni) that now lives in dublin, had an active(far away) participation.
In the sidebar you can see my picasa album with pictures of the meeting.. don’t panic, the picture where i’m in panic, i was just worried about my n95 alone on the closet. Next time is better ask someone to take the pictures. :-)