AVS 4.0 is available for Solaris 10 at http://www.sun.com through the “try and buy” program… but if you want (like me), compile and install the opensource AVS on a solaris 10 (at your own risk), here is the procedure:
1) You can download the AVS source code from here.
2) IMPORTANT: You will need to install SunStudio 11, at the time of this writting, the compilation of AVS with SunStudio 12 leaves to that errors.. and that too.
3) The people who are very conservatives, should not read on… you will need a “simple trick” to compile AVS on solaris 10 u3.. You must edit the file src/sun_avs/Makefile.master, and change the “string”:
VERSION:sh= echo “11.11.0”
VERSION:sh= echo “11.10.0”
That is necessary for the installation of the packages. The opensource AVS is supposed to run on nevada. I think is no problem with that, if you think different, please let me know.
4) I did compile with the command: ./openAVS_build -NE openAVS.release
Thanks to Jim Dunham and his team for the excellent compilation procedure.. just works! I know, i know, it supposed to be that way, but many softwares don’t.
That’s all, i think this procedure may help someone (crazy) else, who knows?