I did study  at   Universidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinos (Unisinos) - RS, where i undertook a bachelors degree in Computing Science.

I do  work  with  IT for more than 20 years (Operating System, Storage and networking), and more than 10 years with administration and support in Unix,  GNU/Linux,  and BSD environments.  Currently  I  do work with Cloud Services and distributed, global highly available systems.

I did write the books:  ZFS  Para  usuários OpenSolaris, Windows,  Mac  e  Linux  -  Brasport/2010   (Brazilian Portuguese), and Implementing Samba 4 (English).

I have some open source  projects,  and im one of the founders of  the Porto Alegre OpenSolaris  User Group (PoaOSUG).

I do participate in  some  Open  Source  communities, and   im   a   contributor   for  the  OHAC/OpenSolaris Community   In 2007/2008  I  did  receive  a  winning prize on the OpenSolaris innovation awards  program. In 2009 I did a presentation  about Storage HA  at  the first OHAC Summit in San Francisco,  California -  EUA.