Ok, that’s a big problem!
I do remember when i did start to work with GNU/Linux, and the critics against that move were that:
– “What video card will you use”?
– “What ethernet card”?
– “There is some RAID controller that works”?

Two things were common:
– Yes, no drivers;
– The drivers did not work as expected, because of excuses from the companies about “tech secrets” or “reverse engineering” (normally much better drivers;-);

And i’m sure, all of you know that the (supposed) answers for all that questions (problems) was… the GPL. Ok, i will not start another flame about that…
With OpenSolaris and Solaris i think that is not a problem, and i admit i think BSD and CDDL are more “free” in that aspect. I like Open Source, all my projects are open source (basically GPL), but for Operating Systems and Drivers, seems more appropriate use a license that gives more “freedom” for companies… anyway, my point is: Why we have so few options on OpenSolaris Operating Systems with respect to hardware drivers?
Find a real stable hardware/firmware combination is some kind of art, and make all the pieces work together is another fight! Do you use LSI, 3ware? What backplane, disks?? Do we have the software and don’t have the hardware? Seems like hotplug will just work in x86 for USB devices? Do we need to buy SUN hardware (maybe Jonathan Schwartz can answer that ;-)?
Please, give me your opinion!