UPDATED: The Sun Cluster 3.2 has a bug with the configuration of Proxy_SMF_failover, take a look at this procedure that creates a GDS rsync agent, or use the Proxy_SMF_failover with the SC Express that has this bug fixed.

Maybe you have saw my post about the rsync’s integration with SMF
Now, i want to integrate the rsync service with the Sun Cluster 3.2, and the ZFS pool where are the DATA to be synchronized. The Sun Cluster Oasis is a really good source of information, and there i could find this. So, with a little adaptations i could handle the configuration for my rsync SMF service.
First, we need to create a simple text file with name of the SMF service and the location of its manifest file. We need to create that file in all hosts we want to start the rsync service. In my case is a two-node cluster, so i will create it in the both nodes. If you don’t do it, the validation process of the SC will fail…
Here you can see the rsync.txt content:


Now is a really simple procedure like any other in SC resource/resourcegroup configuration… first step, register the new resource type:

clresourcetype register SUNW.Proxy_SMF_failover

Let’s create our resource and configure the ZFS pool dependency (hastorageplus):

clresource create  -g yourresourcegroup-rg -t Proxy_SMF_failover -x \\
Proxied_service_instances=/tmp/rsync.txt -p \\
Resource_dependencies=your-hastorageplus-rs rsyncd-proxysmffailover-rs


clresourcegroup online -M yourresourcegroup-rg

Now, the rsyncd server will be running on the same host where is the ZFS pool that contains the DATA that need to be synchronized.

Ok, that’s all