One of the best posts about ZFS IMHO is the Rampant Layering Violation from JB.
Well, that said… yesterday i was working in my project, and was not nice to see that Sun StorageTek Availability Suite (AVS) (like an OpenSolaris project), is not working on OpenSolaris (as an Operating System/Distribution).
I really like ZFS, and if you are reading my blog, you know that. But before, i do like the UNIX way of doing things, each piece doing your part. It will be really nice to see the ZFS send/receive feature working, or taking the role that today (yesterday) was well done by AVS. But if ZFS send/receive was OK, i would not have this problem, because i would not need to use rsync.
As far as i can see (not too much, really), my project is compromissed, and what i did think two years ago inspired by ZFS, is broken. To have HA services with cheap non-shared discs. Even the project colorado had one relation with my project and will have some impact as well.
AVS is not free for Solaris, i have a procedure to install the open source version, but that is not enough and it’s an AVS outdated version. And Sun Cluster is not free for use it in production Solaris too. Right now what is the counterpart in our community for the DRBD HA solutions on GNU/Linux?
I did like the “filesystem agnostic” feature of AVS. We have the source you say… but what scares me more is the fact that inside SUN, without Oracle or other intervention, two softwares that complement each other, one seems to be suppressed. I think what will be with Oracle… send/receive will stop, and we will use Oracle RMAN for replication/synchronization, or maybe an Oracle FS… ;-)