I have a (bad) pratice of use ZFS for “format” a disk. Just zfs create somepool disk, and after zfs destroy somepool. It’s easy, and works (most of the time ;). These days i was getting a strange problem with the AVS cluster configuration database, with a error message like “dscfg: Configuration file too small“. So, after reading some parts of the code that handle the access to that database, i could see some EFI, and VTOC things… so, i did a dd /dev/zero /dev/rdsk/mydisk, and did the old way: format, fdisk, partition… etc. and… did work! ;-)
Well, maybe a iSCSI problem, because i did see some messages about (NOT SUPPORTED) on ZFS zvols operations to read a EFI label. I did think initially that was just give the AVS one disk, but it needs a partition…
For the sndr replicas i did not get any problems with the ZFS procedure, but for the AVS shared cluster database, i will not use it anymore.