California 2009

That was an amazing experience, and was really great meet those people that i just talk by email. First was the OHAC Summit, where we had excellent presentations, and the keynote “The Network is the Cluster” by Dr. David Cheriton (Stanford University), and the “High Availability: Today and Tomorrow” discussion were just great!
I did my presentation at the Nob Hill A after Prasad Dharmavaram technical presentation about “Developing custom Application Data Services“. If i did know it before write my agent, would be much easier… ;-)
Tirthankar did his presentation before Prasad, and was a very important topic because the focus was in “Getting Started with Open HA“, and get involved with the community. That is the power of open source, and so we need to get involved, to participate, and that is what makes any community stronger.
My talk was divided in three parts:
1) I did talk about the motivation, the softwares integrated in the solution, and a little about the Open AVS and MRSL RT concepts.
2) The second part was a demonstration of the MRSL RT working on a two node cluster configuration on my laptop.
3) In the last part i did talk about some issues we have in the solution, and some discussion about the implementation. After that i did answer some questions from the audience, and in the end i did a question too. ;-)
Congratulations for the winner of the trivia!
I’m very glad that many people come to me after the presentation, and at the communityOne to tell me that the demonstration was impressive. Thank you very much! Actually i have to say thank you for all the OHAC Summit organizers for the excellent broadcast, where people said to me that was really, really good! Meenakshi Kaul-BAsu (Director, Solaris Cluster), Nicholas Solter (author of the OpenSolaris Bible), and Hartmut Streppel were present in my talk, and that was really nice. I did get a OpenSolaris Bible as a gift, and the OHAC cluster team did sign it to me (if you are in the OHAC and did not sign, you will ;).
OpenSolaris Bible

OpenSolaris Bible

I could meet many interesting people, and could learn a lot. In communityOne i did stay at the OHAC booth, and could go to a few sessions, but was just difficult to decide which one go… and find one room in that place was just too much for my brain.
I did meet Glynn Foster, Bill Moore, and in one minute i was talking with Ben Rockwood, and in the other he disapear (i think he did run away from my english ;). That was my last chance to figure out where he was presenting the ZFS talks. And my credentials did not gave me pass to the Deep Dives…
And on top, there was the great OSUG Boot Camp! After a really fun “go game”, we had a very interesting discussion about the OSUG’s around the world, and how we can enhance the participation of the users. I was really tired in the end of the day, but was a very important and usefull meeting. At night we did go to a nice restaurante at Pier 39 (it was easy to find the Pier but no the restaurant ;-), where Jim Grisanzio was taking the pictures!
So, i would like to say thank you to everyone that was in that events, and special thanks to: Lynn Rohrer, Teresa Giacomini, Irene Israel, Meenakshi Kaul-BAsu, Eve Kleinknecht, Tina Hartshorn, Deirdre Straughan, and all OHAC Team. I think soon we will have the videos from the presentations, and the pictures in the OHAC Summit wiki page. I will make a blog post about how i did configure my demonstration (the two node cluster, AVS, MRSL, quorum, and etc) on my laptop, if you think would be interesting.