The cube above was a puzzle i was looking for by a long time…. after the Will Smith’s movie “The Pursuit of Happyness“, i did think: “i do need try to solve that“! When i did see that SUN was giving some, i was there to get one.
The second day at fisl9.0 was as good as the first one, with more excellent presentations, and a lot of new techs to see. Many, many people interested in opensource software, and get a nice conversation about trends, projects, and any community’ news. In my opinion the “presentation of the day” was not a real presentation, but the Q&A with Theodore Ts’o, first Linus Torvalds collaborator in America. He did answer the questions with real good will, and when asked about opensolaris, dtrace, or ZFS, he did not run away. It’s always nice to hear such skilled person!

I really like an interesting software called MUAN, that is an open source stop motion animation system, developed under Linux. It was conceived by International Animation Festival of Brazil with the sponsorship of IBM, and was initially designed for Educational purposes (so, it’s a toy for the whole family). I don’t know you, but i always had the interest in learn how movies like Wallace and Gromit were made, and with that software you can get the idea. Fantastic!

Here you can see a little video that i have recorded at fisl9.0:

So, you just need a webcam, a computer, MUAN, and the imagination! Take a look at the site where you will find a lot of informations about “How can I install MUAN?“, “How do I create an animation cycle?“, etc.
To be continued…