What the GNU/Linux guys are so afraid of? As a GNU/Linux user, i don’t really understand the critics against OpenSolaris, most by other GNU/Linux users. That just remembers me the “Who disdains wants to buy” principle…
I do remember when GNU/Linux was borning, and as a great and revolutionary development model, many people did against GNU/Linux what i think is happening with OpenSolaris projet now. I know, is a different kind of project, but that is what i think all the world needs: “Answers for unresolved problems, and new answers for other problems”. Yes, rampant of layering violantion, the Tanenbaum-Torvalds Debate… Innovation happens when somebody stops to look something with the “same eyes”, open your mind. GNU/Linux was all about that once, presenting new solutions and receiving all kind of critics because of a model that people was calling obsolete, “disorganized“, “unprofessional“, etc.

Cada um na sua...

But now, becomes the other side of the coin, and it is the absolute truth. There is no space for the “different”? The world must be GPL? I’m used to a lot of other Open licenses without any problems (Artistic, AS-IS, MIT, BSD, CDDL). You can read, you can choice.
Why GNU/Linux must to be the standard for the OpenSource community? Seems like the power is really a bad thing (there is nothing new under the sun)… it’s strange to hear some GNU/Linux users making questions like “all devices on my laptop will work?”, or “there is no applications for OpenSolaris”… c’mon, i think that is a shame! Seems like the first is only a problem for OpenSolaris, and the last was not a problem for the GNU/Linux community at the beginning (my sons now can run the orange box under GNU/Linux). I like and use GNU/Linux, it was my initiation into the POSIX world and now i’m a Unix support analyst. And after known/use other POSIX implementations like FreeBSD, AIX, OSX, Solaris, and etc, i do have my opinion and choice for one task or another. I did most of graduation work in GNU/Linux, and my monograph in Solaris 9. Yes, i was one of the last guys to buy a Solaris license (i did buy a Solaris 8 license too).

I do not use Microsoft Windows for a long time (actually i was a MSDOS user), but i DO NOT have anything, nothing, against Windows users! Do you think that there is nothing nice on Windows OS? I don’t think so, it’s all about choice and respect. Yes, respect!
Ok, so the OpenSolaris is the better community/project of the world, without problems… no, and i will not stop to use my GNU/Linux Ubuntu desktop either. The message is choice (blue or red pill?). Diversify!
I did not like the SUN action taking the OpenSolaris name, and there is a lot of problems with the Indiana project in my point of view. But i think the union OpenSolaris + Ian (Debian) is a dream come true really. Like i said before, i’m a Solaris user before OpenSolaris, and in this regard is not about open or free software, is about quality! Do you think GNU/Linux is used because it is free? I think you are wrong… GNU/Linux is used because are great softwares, and are free, and open. There is nothing wrong with be a comercial product, or be free, open, GPL, BSD, or using other license.
United we stand, divided we fall!