Hello there! I did a post about IO on demand some time ago, and that post was about some aspects i think we need to have more power on the storage land.
I think the 7410 (fishworks) is a great step in the Unified Storage Model, but in the same way, the “Unified” word is a complicated one. The problem with that word is the notion of “all-in-one”, and the lack IMO of some controls needed in such environment.

So, here i can post my wishes ;-)

1) Would be nice if we could set limits for IOPS based on datasets;
2) Would be nice if we could set latency objectives per datasets too;

And it’s more complicated when we have other vendors with solutions for that. So, we want ZFS, but that is not enough to win the war.

If we will have a giant source of power, we need a way to master it.