… and in my opinion:

1 – Schumacher had a bad idea.
2 – Rosberg did show that he is a great driver. It was just one mistake from Hamilton, and he did overtake him.
3 – Massa is back!
4 – Ferrari is always the same, first race and already asking to Massa stop pushing… shame!
5 – With a “not so good car” Lewis was always many, many positions ahead of Kovalainen… well, this year seems like Button will be “a little” better.
6 – Vettel is a great driver!
7 – FIA always trying to invent new rules, and now there is a problem with overtakes because of the tyres…
8 – Mclaren is giving many cool services for the fans. Today was nice to watch the race with Mclaren player, and Race 1.0b! Car Radio, GPS, Telemetry… cool!
9 – F1 Live Timing! I cannot watch the race without it anymore…
10 – Schumacher had a bad idea. Sorry, i know there are many fans of Schumacher out there. Obviously an excelent driver! But i think he had a bad idea… ;-) I want to write this here, because in the end i want to know if i’m wrong.