IA whole new mind

A whole new mind

I did receive this book as a gift from a friend, and is a really nice book! It’s interesting how us, Humans Beings, are so full of preconcepts. Black and white, East and West, this and that…

I was surprise to see that the “Man” once, did think that one side of our brain was for nothing, or was “less” important than the other. Sorry, but some “super duper scientist” needs to study to know that such thing is just crazy? The “eternal” idea that “one” should be better than the “other”. We have a great trouble to accept the different.

I mean, we can (and do) know that we can not understand and explain some facts of life (almost everything that is important), but ideas like that is… never mind. After all, an excellent book indeed, but i will not talk too much about it because i’m not the kind of guy that tells you the end of the movie. ;-)

I really recommend it, and would be nice to have a conversation about it… beers, and philosophy…

Talking about movies, another tip from the guy that did give me the book, is the Denzel Washington’s movie: The Great Debaters! Outstanding!