Hello there…

Today i was doing something that was on my todo list for a long time. When i did start to blog, my intention was not (just) talk about technical stuff, but just write about evertything i did like, or do not like: music, movies, politics, and a lot of things that i’m sure no one else has interest to read. I really like to have a good conversation, just about everything… and my blog was my partner when nobody else had the patience to listen (most of the time). ;-)

Well, for some reason, i did start to write more about technical stuff than about all the things are really nice for me, like: f1, Sport Club Internacional, music [1][2][3][], movies, politics, Lost, sports, and etc. And in the other hand, i did want to create another space for a web site, more professional, and with more serious content.

It’s been a while since i did start to blog, and there are some crazy sites that have a general content aggregation from my blog, and most of them are specialized sites. So, when i do my posts about football (i really like it, i would not be a Brazilian if i did not), it’s not fair to have a nothing-to-do-content on that sites.

So, now i think i did organize these things… did update my wordpress bloghere you can see my site, and here are the main aggregated subjects of my blog (so if you have some interest, you can feed just what you really want to):








And if you want all this *******, you can have it here:


I will try to contact the main sites that have my blog aggregated (thanks google analytics), and send the feed i think is more appropriated. For me is really good, and i think now i will feel better, more comfortable when i want to write about non-technical stuff. Wait for the worst.