Source: São Paulo pictures by Wikipedia

São Paulo pictures by Wikipedia

That is not my quote, but i agree a hundred per cent with it!
I’m going to a new challenge in my career, the company i will work for uses this slogan, and i will enjoy to persue that motto!
I think the best solutions are simple, and if there is complexity, it is there to fix “something” that was not so well implemented (we could not find a better solution), or to bring “today” something that “should” be here “tomorrow” (what normally needs a lot of complexity… among other things).

But what is simple?
For me, is something you can explain quickly (does not require a Ph.D to understand), cheap, clean, and easy to implement. But the real problem is figure out the simple solution. Actually, is the harder task…

Keep IT Simple is not easy at all.
For my friends that i leave in my last job (and city, because i’m moving to São Paulo), i have many thanks to distribute, and say that i will miss them a lot! I need to say that was not a simple decision too. For my blog readers, stay tuned for updates, i think we will talk a lot more about: Solaris, OpenSolaris, ZFS, NFS, AVS, iSCSI, HA, etc…

For now, it’s all i can say. Ok, i need to pack some stuff…