I would like to understand...

Maybe if i could understand the Oracle’s mind, i could learn how to make money. I think that is the key in this whole Oracle/Sun situation:
Java, Dtrace 1, 2, 3, 4, and ZFS creators did leave the company.
Why someone would buy a technology company, with so many skilled persons (some that did create so many cool stuff), and would let they leave?
I mean, in the early days of this aquisition, all we did heard about the Oracle’s reasons to do it was: Java, Dtrace, ZFS and Solaris/OpenSolaris. And that is exactly the softwares that are now without the “gurus”, or dead.
Oh, i’m not saying Oracle and the other great engineers that still work on it, are not capable to do a great and innovative work. No, that is not the point. But that guys, as leaders and with great influence on that technologies, i think would be on the “must stay with us” strategy.
But obviously i’m wrong, and do not know anything about business. So, let me think as a simple client…
As i did write here, and here, we are Oracle’s clients.
The analytics guy is out… the ZFS guy is out…
What is the future of the storage products from Oracle?