Hello there…
As many of you already know, a new version of Solaris Operating System is available: Solaris 11 Express.
Seems like the Solaris 11 will be released next year, but i really don’t know if that is the case neither the diff between Solaris 11 Express and Solaris 11. From what i did read on net, the Solaris 11 Express is a production ready realease, even with contract suport available for customers.
So, my opinion is that Solaris 11 Express is OpenSolaris 2010.11.
Without source code, and no production use without contract support.
Simple like that.
It’s not OpenSolaris because there is no OpenSolaris anymore ;-), but seems to be the same distro, even with similar approuch (it’ not beta, can be used in production, with the difference that can only be used like that with a contract support).
So, one distro was SUN, and the new one is Oracle…
Well, but this post is not to create another OpenSolaris SUN/Oracle flame, no… is just to say that i’m glad that i was invited to participate into a program from Oracle to work close to the Solaris engineering team, together with other 15 or 20 companies all around the world, in the development process of the new Solaris 11 OS (I don’t know exactly what companies will be).

This program will start in Santa Clara, California/United States (December 14 and 15), where all companies involved will meet each other. And i think will be a nice opportunity to exchange some informations, and talk about the real utilization of this OS in the Enterprise.
As i know more about this program, and in the course of this experience, i want to blog about it and maybe will be a chance to play with some features we do not know and/or do not use in our environment right now. As i said before, i’m glad with this opportunity, and look forward to understand better some new features of this “Classic” OS, as well as understand the new model that Oracle wants to create for companies to use it (HCL, support, license, etc). Maybe answer some questions like:

What is the Oracle’s idea about real use of Solaris OS as a fundation of a Storage or Virtualization solution for example, without the SUN/Hardware glue?

This year will be my first time in the US, so will be a good chance to talk with old friends, and have some beers talking about things… if you will be nearby Santa Clara on date, let’s see if we can talk…
Hope we can discuss about all of this here on my blog in the near future! Stay tuned…