Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes AMG F1 Team

Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes AMG F1 Team

I’m a big fan of Formula 1, and a big fan of Lewis Hamilton (who reads my posts about F1 or my twitter account, knows that). And today after all the news about his move next year from Mclaren to Mercedes, I could read a lot of non-sense on some “specialized” sites…

So I think I can write my “non-sense” on my blog too. The only difference is that my “non-sense” will be based on numbers.
Everyone is saying the same thing, that Lewis is switching from a team that won many races to a team that won just once in three years (one this year with Rosberg). Well, seems like nobody understands or do not want to understand that this is the main reason why they want Lewis to replace Schumacher :0). Nobody can imagine that Mercedes (or any other team that has Lewis, Alonso, or Vettel for example) can change roles from “average” teams to winners?
Take a look at this simple comparison for Qualifying I did:

[ source: http://www.formula1.com/results/season/2012/) ]

Fact 1:  Hungary / Hamilton was Pole – Lap: 1:20.953
Jenson Button was 4th, Lap time: 1:21.583
So, this round Lewis was 630ms quicker than his team mate.
Rosberg (Mercedes driver), did his lap in 1:21.895 (in Q2), as he could not qualify for Q3.
Then, Rosberg’s time less 630ms = 1:21.265… Hamilton still on Pole! As the second in qualifying was Romain Grosjean with 1:21.366.

Fact 2: Canada / Hamilton was Second – Lap: 1:14.087
Jenson Button was 10th, Lap: 1:15.182.
So, this round Lewis was 1s093ms quicker than his team mate!
Michael Schumacher (Mercedes driver), did his lap in 1:14.812 (in Q3), starting at 9th on the grid (ahead of Jenson Button).
Then, Schumacher’s time less 1s093ms = 1:13.719. Lewis would be on pole, as Vettel took the pole with 1:13.784!

Fact 3: Malaysia / Hamilton was Pole – Lap: 1:36.219.
Jenson Button was second, Lap: 1:36.368.
Michael Schumacher (Mercedes driver) was third and did his lap in 1:36.391. Schumacher’s time less 149ms1:36.242! Hamilton Still on Pole, again…

Fact 4: China / Rosberg (Mercedes driver) was Pole…
Fact 5:  Monaco / Schumacher (Mercedes driver) was Pole…

And this goes on and on… just a quick review based on numbers, and Lewis Hamilton would have 5 pole positions, and I think you agree with me, 5 real possibilities for wins (as many wins Lewis could have this year were denied to him because of team problems/mistakes).

Hamilton did a huge step to become one of the greats of all time with this move, and for sure the next season will be as exciting as this one!

In Spain, Monaco, Canada, China, Europe, Great Britain, and Germany, Jenson Button was out-qualified by a Mercedes driver (Nico, Michael or both).

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton