No chance, someday you will need to update the glibc version on your system…
In these days, many Distros handle it for you, no worry.
But you may have some app installed on your system, that you don’t have the sources to recompile it,
and you need to run it with older versions of glibc (Distros can’t handle it for you).
Here is a workaround to fix that:
1 – First you need to copy the old version of libs that you need (/lib) to another location.
In this example we will use /usr/local/compat-old/lib
2 – Use a “not dynamic linked” shell (like ash). Copy it to /usr/local/compat-old/bin.
3 – Make a shell wrapper script to your application.


——————————– cut here ————————————–
#by Leal

# simple wrapper to execute an app in a compatible environment.


exec ${LDBIN} ${BIN} ${ARGS}
exit $?

——————————– cut here ————————————–

That’s it! Hope you enjoy..

ps.: I have made that solution from the man page, and message from Jan-Benedict Glaw to libc-alpha at sources dot redhat dot com . There are a lot of options to specify the locations of libraries in run time, i think that should be other ways to configure it.

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