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RoR on OS 2008.11

Just a note... ;-) 1) pfexec pkg install gcc-dev 2) pfexec pkg install SUNWscp 3) pfexec pkg install SUNWmysql5 4) pfexec pkg install ruby-dev 5) pfexec gem install rails --include-dependencies 6) pfexec gem install mongrel --include-dependencies 7) pfexec gem install mysql -- --with-mysql-dir=/usr/mysql/5.0/ 8) pfexec gem install will_paginate 9) export PATH=$PATH:/usr/ruby/1.8/bin Actually i did need the pfexec gem install ...
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Porto Alegre OSUG Meeting November 27th

This was a great year for our OpenSolaris User Group, many events, and a lot of new users! Today i could congratulate Vitório Sassi and Ronaldo Prass, two PoAOSUG members, for the awards in the Student Reviews contest (MySQL and Glassfish), with the project Jsaw (Java System Authentication for Wireless ...
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