The books

Finally i did receive the two books that i did buy from Solaris Internals (second edition) and Solaris Performance and Tools. The first edition of Solaris Internals, i did read while at university (UNISINOS), but i had not much access to Solaris environment that time, but the concepts of the UNIX OS was something that help me a lot on the understanding of the Operating System concepts.

Exellent reading.. Many people say that technical reading is boring, and does not have the aspects that makes a romance a good one. I totaly disagree, tech read can be boring like anything else, but a good tech read is like a good romance! If you get a well written book, like Solaris Internals, for read, you will see what i’m saying, and don’t be surprised if you see hobbits or the matrix code on the pages.

Oh, i was almost forgeting, good music is always a good company for reading:

Good company for reading...
Don’t you agree?