New year, new plans, that’s life! And I really like this feeling of brand new possibilities and chances, paths…
I came from vacation a few days ago, and it was a great time with my family and friends. Time to think about the future too, and what I can explore in this new year that is just starting! I’m going to the fifth year here at São Paulo, and it’s really the time to review things and the plans that will take us from here to there.

One of my objectives for this year, is to really come back to my blog duties, and explore the new technologies I’m working on, writing and discussing it with you. Others I will try to share with you as I go forward and everythings gets more mature…

The second was a new look and organization on my blog (new year, new home..). And that is something we can quickly see the results..

Last year I did start to get involved with the Paleo diet while trying to review my fitness and physical exercises. It has some time since my last presence on a gym (I was used to go every day since my twenties)… basically my approach (conventional) was not working any more, and that I think was the frustration and lack of interest on the gym.

My good friend Constantin Gonzalez suggested me good books and links about the subject, after what I could really engage in a new phase of my workout and diet. That’s really life changing, as it is directly related with to get lean, full of energy and healthy. So, really excited about this subject and with the lack of materials in Brazilian Portuguese, I had this goal to start bloging about it. My findings and mainly my experience with the diet…

So, I take out this plan from paper in this new year, and started a brand new blog focused on the Paleo. You can check it out here: (in Brazilian Portuguese). And it’s funny how the open source “thing” has changed the world… my second article actually was my first participation/contribution for this community, as open source (as we can think this idea is just for software). A great site about Paleo ( has a good article for beginners that helped me, and had no translation for Brazilian Portuguese. So I could do it, and have it kindly linked here, and here.

So, there is a brand new Paleo blog on the block! ;-)

Hope all of you are going well and full of plans and dreams for 2013, and that we can get together more frequently here on this space than in 2012.