AroundCorners World App

AroundCorners World App

Hi there, I would like to just inform you about a new place to watch for tech articles from me…
I have organized my Github account these last days, and will try to concentrate all my code and project pages there. Working on different “BIG” solution providers (Locaweb, AWS and now Microsoft) in the last years, I have many different places where I developed and presented these solutions. As is not funny to be migrating things and so on, I will try to keep things organized there for now on. Let’s see how it goes… ;-)

The picture you see in the head of this post is from my last project, and the one I would like to talk about: AroundCorners World Application.
In the link above you can know everything about it, but I would like to just do a summary for you about it:
The AroundCorners World Application is a project where I plan to add many different Microsoft Azure technologies to it. But besides that, I plan to explain some important cloud architecture concepts and techniques, so IT people that are starting with Cloud, and more specifically with Microsoft Azure, can get used and have one more place to learn from examples and give it a try on Microsoft Cloud Platform.

I invite you to take a look at the following links:
1) AroundCorners World Application Official Project Page;
2) AroundCorners World Application – Demo Application Site;
3) My Official Github Account;
4) AroundCorners Official Site (Here I will aggregate all my Demo Assets, and soon the World Application will be there too);
5) Follow AroundCorners on Twitter;

If you look at the AroundCorners World Application project’s page, you will see that we are talking about one web front end (written in PHP), and two web API’s (written in NodeJS and PHP). The NodeJS Application has a NoSQL database (Microsoft Azure DocumentDB), and using Microsoft Azure Logic Apps, you can interact with the AroundCorners World Application directly from your twitter account!

Want to give it a try? Just tweet using the hashtag #aroundcornersworldapptime with a region timezone you want to know the date and time. Example:
#aroundcornersworldapptime America/Sao_Paulo

You should receive in a couple of minutes the answer… something like:
@youruser 17:26 on Saturday 21st November 2015.

Hope you find it useful, and stay tuned for more!