A really nice experience! It’s always good when we can help, and my job was help some new users of the Ubuntu GNU/Linux Distro in this television show (Brazilian Portuguese). Basically, the users had two difficulties:
1 – Install the firefox flash plugin;
2 – Install a MSN client;

The first problem is related with two problems. The first is not that easy for the users to know what “program” they really need when they do a search like “flash” and do appear many options. So, two things happens:
– The user installs the wrong choice;
– The user installs everything;

The user on the show did install everything. So, there was conflict between the packages when executing, and the sound was not working. So, my tip was: “If you want to install one software, and the system gives to you many options, it’s better you to choose one, try it out. And if it does not solve the problem, you first uninstall it before try another”.
The second user had problems trying to install the aMSN client. But the user did not want to use the aMSN program, but just use the MSN network. Well, the pidgin is already installed by default, and the user did not know about it.
In the end, a really nice experience!