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Compiling OpenSP-1.5 on Solaris 9.

gcc-3.3 patch to OpenSP-1.5 (Thanks Gentoo Linux).

Compiling openjade-1.3.2 on Solaris 9

perl 5.6 patch to openjade-1.3.2 (Thanks Gentoo Linux).

Configuring JadeTeX to generate PDF/DVI files

Adding a new disk to a Solaris 9 (x86).

Motorola mobile phones in Solaris 10 (x86).

Moto4lin patch (moto4lin-0.3).

NFS Block Size Monitor:

Version 0.5
Latest stable version, with a README file and the needed DTrace script.
Version 0.4
Bug fixes;
Version 0.3
– Requests per second;
Version 0.2
– Read/Write Bandwidth graphs;
– Blocks percentage;
Version 0.1
R – Count how many reads in that range;
W – Count how many writes in that range;
TR – The amount of data that was read using the blocks on that range;
TW – The amount of data that was write using the blocks on that range;

MRSL.NONsharedDevice SC 3.2/Open HA Cluster Agent:

MRSL.NONsharedDevice is a Sun Cluster 3.2/Open HA Cluster Perl Agent to provide High Available services with Non-shared storage, using Availability Suite.

Version 2.2
New features:
Dedicated interface to AVS/SNDR replication: You need to have the names used for AVS/sndr replication (e.g.: primary, secondary), on the /etc/hosts.

Version 2.0
New features:
Ondemand_Pull: Controls if the agent will wait *all* the resync task to end, or will use the On-demand pull feature of AVS software. Setting this Extension to “YES” will make the services remain online while the resync task is running (with a performance cost).

Version 1.0
Sync_Mode: Controls if the AVS resynchronization procedure will be FULL or UPDATE.
To get the actual value:
/usr/cluster/bin/scha_resource_get -O Extension -R example-nonshareddevice-rs -G example-rg Sync_Mode
To configure the agent to do a FULL resync:
/usr/cluster/bin/clresource set -p Sync_Mode=FULL example-nonshareddevice-rs