Sometime ago i did post this on OpenSolaris HA-Clusters discuss, a thread about “configuring telemetry on Sun Cluster 3.2”. I have got a answer from Madhan Balasubramanian, about that RFE:
6513525 sctelemetry should be able to work with zpools managed by HASP
But we “always” have some kind of light (workaround), in the end of the tunnel… and in this situation, we just need “one” UFS Higly Available HA resource configured to have the telemetry available for all the other resources (ZFS HA Storage Plus resources too).
So, with “one” more disc in the hands, let’s configure the telemetry on Sun Cluster 3.2:

# Indicates command prompt (root user)

Create the partition(s), and create the UFS filesystem(s):

# format

Configure the new resource group:

# /usr/cluster/bin/clresourcegroup create -p
nodelist=node1,node2,nodeN yourresourcegroup-rg

Configuring the new resource (HA Storage Plus):

# /usr/cluster/bin/clresource create -t SUNW.HAStoragePlus:5 \\
-g yourresourcegroup-rg -p GlobalDevicePaths=dsk/dN \\

Configure the file “/etc/vfstab” in both nodes:

/dev/global/dsk/dNs0 /dev/global/rdsk/dNs0 /yourmountpoint/dir  ufs 5 no logging

Check the FilesystemMountPoints property:

# scha_resource_get -O Extension -R yourresource-hastorageplus-rs \\

The command above should return nothing, so we need to configure it:

# clresource set -p FilesystemMountPoints=/yourmountpoint/dir \\

Bring it online:

# /usr/cluster/bin/clresourcegroup online -emM yourresourcegroup-rg

Now we can configure the telemetry in our cluster, choosing between the clsetup procedure, or directly by the sctelemetry command:

It’s nice to use the clsetup menu driven interface of Sun Cluster (or the GUI), just to see the command line that it will produce at the end. It’s good to understand the command line interface…
If you use the clsetup, here is the sequence of choices:
1) Choose “8” (Other cluster tasks)
2) Choose “2” (Configure Telemetry)
3) Yes
4) Choose the HA Storage Plus resource (the UFS one)
5) Choose the mount point.

Here you can see a single command line example:

# /usr/cluster/lib/rgm/rt/sctelemetry/sctelemetry -i -o \\

That’s all..