ZFS Book Cover

ZFS Book Cover

It was a hard job, but it’s done! As i’m used to say, it’s NOT a “ZFS Bible” or “The Definitive Guide“, but is a practical book, and with many insights into ZFS working. The OpenSolaris 2009.06 release CD with the book, makes even easier to install the OpenSolaris OS and start to play with ZFS in minutes. So, with the new version of OpenSolaris being released and IPS, you will be able to upgrade the whole OS with just one command!
If you want to install OpenSolaris and start to use the ZFS filesystem right away, this book is for you. If you want to use the ZFS filesystem’s features, but want to continue to use your MacOSX, or Microsoft Windows desktop, don’t panic, you will see that you can have all the nice features of this 128-bit filesystem from your personal computer using standard protocols like NFS, CIFS, or iSCSI.

So, you can have your photos, videos, and documents on ZFS without complication!

The book has chapters about ZFS features like: checksum, ditto-blocks, RAID, Prefetch, IO priority and etc. You will be able to know about the Hybrid storage model, slogs, L2ARC, and replication procedures (send/receive). Performance characteristics and tools to analyze them (arc_summary/Ben Rockwood, fsstat, iostat, zilstat/Rock and Elling, and more). If you will use ZFS for NFS services i did talk about NFS block size monitor, a tool i did write using the NFS dtrace provider.

There is a special topic from my “ZFS Internals” series, mdb parameters, zdb, and many more!

So, if you would like to start to use and study this revolutionary filesystem, i did write this book for you. It should be out in the end of this month (03/26/2010). And for sure, i will appreciate your opinion, critics, suggestions (even spam), on the commentary section. I hope you enjoy! ;-)

ps.: It’s in Brazilian portuguese (i do not speak english, and as you can see i cannot write in english too).