Yes, you are right, I’m not Neo or Morpheus… but damn it, I want to know what that bunch of random green chars are! ;-) and if for that is needed some kind of pill, red is my choice!
Again, this year is going like crazy, and I could blog just twice. This space is something that I really enjoy, to discuss things with people, learn, and dump some content from my IT’s activities that maybe can help somebody out there… but the fact is that I’m struggling in doing so, and is something I need to get back because is something that I really enjoy!

If you are a hardcore reader of this blog, you could read my first post this year (Lights out!), and besides not being able to stick with my plans to be back on my blog duties, other important goals I’m being able to achieve!
After almost five years, PB of data, thousands of appliances, millions operations per second, patches, backports, and a book about ZFS… last month was my last as a Locaweb’s Storage Architect. It was a terrific experience, Locaweb is a great, great company! I had the luck to be hired by the CEO and so had the opportunity to know a guy with a great vision and talent! The company has an unique environment to work and make the difference. It was a place where I have made friends that I’m sure will be for life…

But… I heard about the matrix, and I do believe that we are in a brand new IT where we need to leave old assumptions, re:invent, and go cloud. I have decided to pursue this path, and now as an AWS Solutions Architect, I will help companies from all sizes to understand, embrace and go cloud!

I’m very excited, and very happy to be present at this important time in IT, I’m sure we will discuss this “era” with our kids some time from now… btw, today is the birthday of my oldest son (13), and I think he already use a game server somewhere in the cloud