Today i was working in the integration of the Tim’s ZFS autosnapshot SMF service and my ZFS HA/NFS configuration. Sometimes in the test, the Sun Cluster did entry in a stop or start process and stay there forever… and a day!
So, i did find in the manual the command “quiesce“. Using that command with the “-k” switch, the Sun Cluster will kill the “crazy” start/stop process, and you will be in charge again!
So, If you find yourself with this error:
resource group is undergoing a reconfiguration, please try again later
you may find that option useful to you too!
Remember that is for use in the “desperate time”, like a “kill -9“.. so, be aware that you could leave the resourcegroup in START_FAILED or STOP_FAILED state. But you will can clear the resource errors, fix the problems, and start ther services again.
That’s it.