This week we are having really action here in Porto Alegre (take a look here for directions)! Wednesday (16/04) the event was the Opensolaris day, where a lot of cool stuffs were showed with many presentations. The event was organized by the Porto Alegre OpenSolaris User Group and the Java User Group. Many speakers that would be at FISL9.0 were at OpenSolaris day too.

I did meet Tirthankar Das from Sun’s India office (Bangalore), that will be presenting Open HA Cluster at FISL and did a excellent presentation about the project Indiana. I did receive a nice t-shirt from the Open HA Cluster for my participation on the OHAC Community. Thanks to lady Meenakshi Kaul-Basu (SUN’s Director, Availability Engineering), Tirthankar Das, and all opensolaris community!

Ok, ok… i’m far far away for a model, but i did take two pictures so you can see the nice t-shirt i got!
Designed for availability
Engineered for performance
Unmatched for quality..


Here you can see a nice “informal” demo about “Solaris Cluster Failover”, by Tirthankar Das
(You can see more videos about the fisl9.0 on my channel on youtube):

The next video is a demonstration of a simple agent to failover a movie player (gxine). Actually the agent will not resume the video playback, but just start it again on another node in the case of a failover scenario… but make such feature would be more complex, and nice too!

Take a look at the sidebar for pictures from the fisl9.0. If you go to the fisl, take a look at our opensolaris corner, maybe you can see presentations like the above, some installations goin on, little gifts (DVD’s, manuals, pens, etc), or just come to talk a little bit about… whatever!
to be continued…