“The OpenSolaris Operating System as a storage operating system – everything from file sharing, file systems, volume managers, data services, and etc. Features like: ZFS, NFS, pNFS, Shared QFS, Storage Archive Manager, Honeycomb fixed content management, Availability Suite, iSCSI, etc”.
That is our LinkedIn Group, where i think we can have great discussions about Storage and OpenSolaris. So, here is the invitation for everyone to participate, and start a discussion. We have Solaris, OpenSolaris distro, Oracle/Sun 7000 storage series, Nexenta, and many use cases to discuss. How about use SUN fishworks for create a iSCSI network for other OpenSolaris NAS servers? OpenSolaris, ZFS, and VMWARE? What are your experiences with Nexenta? The fishworks does not need a centralized and integrated management interface? (Actually i was needing a more simple way to integrate it in my environment…) webservices?
So, wait for you there.