1 – But limits are things that we need to respect in life;
2 – If you have U$10K and do not know how to handle it, U$10M is not the answer for you. Because one cent is overflow in both cases;
3 – That is the same for computer resources;
4 – Performance is a composition. You do not buy it in a box.
5 – If somebody has it, and wants to sell it to you, run away from him;
6 – A software that just works with an perfect environment, has no utility;
7 – If somebody has that software, or the perfect enviroment to sell them to you, run away from him;
8 – Think about TCP, and that is a good example of software. Did you heard something like: “Oh, my software uses TCP, i need a lossless Ethernet for it to work“?
9 – Please, load average is a processor queue, not a disk queue.
10 – Who was the guy that wrote: “NFS not responding, still trying..”? The worst error message ever…

…for the rant.